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In Memoriam...

The dogs featured in "Our PWDs" are truly and forever our family. They share our home, our lives and even our bed. We have been so blessed to have watched most of our PWDs live long, ridiculously happy lives. This is a heartbreaking section to write, but they deserve our tribute.


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

- Winnie The Pooh


Avida's MadMan Across the Water


11-28-2017  ~  8-3-2022

We just lost Elton in a tragic accident, and we are heartbroken. He was a beautiful boy in the prime of his life. While lively, goofy and playful around his pack, he could be reserved in new environments, so few people really understood what a loving, talented boy he was. Always such a joyous dog, just like his grandpa, Maquah.

Elton was a very quick learner, and loved performing tricks, obedience, rally, agility, nose work at home with us and water training at the Lake. He was hitting his stride, excelling in his training toward Apprentice and Working Water titles this summer.


Elton was incredibly athletic and enjoyed movement; whether fearlessly diving off a boat to retrieve a dummy, gracefully leaping, gazelle-like over obstacles (just because he could!) or effortlessly running across field or beach with the wind at his back. He LOVED his ball. He was a rambunctious goofball who played hard with Briza and Mercedes, yet was so very gentle when playing and teaching Mercedes' young pups.


Born in our hands, Elton's loss leaves a hole in our hearts that will never fully heal. His BFFs Mercedes and Briza clearly miss him as well. Run free, beautiful boy, we will never forget your sweet face, your kisses and your ear nibbles.

2013 water trial-malazada.png

CH Avida's Malazada Doce


1-24-2006  ~  3-17-2022

Our first breeding with mama Cocoa (x Salty Dawg's Baker) resulted in this amazing powerhouse of a PWD. Hidden behind that sweet, yet serious face was a tenacity of spirit (no doubt from Cocoa) and talent (definitely from Baker) that resulted in a dog who would do anything to please us. At 8 weeks of age, she was sitting and staying for meals with the big dogs. She earned her first water title at 6 months old. She went on to earn titles in a variety of venues, her only handicap being her inexperienced handlers. Her crowning accomplishments were earning her conformation championship (owner-handled with Chris) and PWDCA Courier Water Dog (with Elaine).

Despite Atypical Addison's disease, Liver cancer and arthritic hips, Zada flourished in our household 'til the ripe old age of 16. In her later years, Zada ruled the roost with an iron paw, playing "sheriff" in case anyone was having too much fun, loved lazing about in the wading pool and still trained and trialed in nose work. We were so lucky to have her in our lives as long as we did. She died peacefully in our loving arms, as she was born.


cocoa dock-2_Page_1 (2).jpg


CH Camlin's Rainha dos Diamantes


 11-05-2002  ~  12-06-2018

Cocoa marched to the beat of a different drummer. PWDs are strong willed, yes, but Cocoa elevated PWD to a whole new altitude! Sassy and confident, whether in the show ring, at water practice or out for a stroll, Cocoa sashayed, tail waving back and forth, as if to say, "Look at me, I am the Queen." She loved everyone and every dog she ever met.

Cocoa also loved the obdience, agility and rally do zoomies in. Yet, she truly was wicked smart, performing her water exercises with military precision (except the swim with her human, which she stubbornly refused as unworthy of her consideration). After approx 25 attempts, Cocoa retired from water competition, but never stopped loving the water. Cocoa's independent spirit led us to  introduce her to herding and lure coursing, both of which she adored as well.

At home, Cocoa tolerated Maquah, Zada, Fig, Mercedes and Elton. Her misadventures were far too numerous to list, but included feasting on currency, pearls and Courier magazines. She was a cave dweller, always finding small places to curl up and rule the cacaphony of our household from her little hidey hole.

Cocoa was our 1st PWD, and we were so lucky to have "the coconut" in lives until 16 years of age. She was one-of-a-kind, and we'll never, ever forget how she taught us how to be dog owners,  enhanced our lives and made us laugh. We will always treasure her unique "brand" of PWD-ness.



INTL/AM Urso do Mar do Lusiadas


1-22-2004  ~  3-21-2016

Elegant, Goofy, Obedient, Boisterious, Inventive, Loyal, Affectionate

He could never simply walk anywhere; Maquah danced.

His every step was filled with immense joy and an infinite curiousity for whatever adventure lay around the next corner.

He couldn't just bark, nooooooo; Maquah sang.

Exuberantly. Gleefully. Loudly.

Maquah cavorted through life like a Minstrel

and we were so lucky to  join him on a very wild ride.

Maquah left us 1st, too soon and with huge holes in our hearts.

We will never forget him. We loved him so very much.

avida portuguese water dogs

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