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Past litters

"Italian Opera" Litter

Breeders: Aviator & Avida
Born 9/18/14
3 females
4 males



Dam (pictured): Rosie is CH Aviator's All-Thyme Social Butterfly


Maquah & Regina

Chocolate Litter

Breeder: Camlin PWDs
Born 3/2007


Dam (pictured): Camlin's Cereja de Chocolate



Maquah & Rosie
Maquah & Ecko

Rocket Litter

Breeder: Lookout PWDs
Born 3/23/12
4 females
3 males


Dam (pictured): CH U-CH Lookout's FV Ocean Fury NA OAJ WWD SROM


Maquah & Cocoa

Bear Litter

Breeder: Avida PWDs
Born 10/24/2007
3 females
4 males


Dam (pictured): CH Camlin's Rainha dos Diamantes CGC BN RN TDI

Cocoa & Baker

Dessert Litter

Breeder: Avida PWDs
Born 1/24/2006
1 female
2 males


Sire (pictured): CH Salty Dawg's Twice Baked CD RA OA NAJ NF WWD CGC TDI AOM SROM


Sire (pictured): Rio is CH Rodtop Rio Port Au Prince

Dam: Camlin's Wickedly Perfect


Mardi Gras Litter

Breeder: Avida PWDs
Born 2/28/2006

4 females

5 males





Lundon & Rio