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We normally do not breed puppies on an annual basis. Our PWDs are our family first; breeding and whelping a litter is a huge undertaking that cuts into the fun we have training and competing in water work, conformation, agility, scent work, tricks, obedience and more with our dogs. That said, we love all that is involved in the breeding process--from identifying a stud, to helping mom whelp and care for her pups to meeting prospective puppy families. We treasure our relationships with our puppy families!


If we have a female PWD who we consider to be an outstanding representation of the breed, whose physical health, temperment and health testing stars all align, we research and often travel to meet potential studs (whose temperment and health testing are compatible) for a future breeding.


Once we've bred and have confirmed a pregnancy, we start looking at puppy questionnaires that potential puppy owners have submitted. At that point, we contact those who we feel are active, appropriate PWD puppy homes. We will want to  meet your entire household, including other dogs. We rarely place this rambunctious, mischievous breed in homes with very young children. Also, we are very hesitant to place a PWD in an apartment situation or in a home without 6 foot fencing.

If you are new to PWDs, before you fill out a puppy questionnaire, please read all of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America's "Find a PWD" section. There will be a quiz!


Our puppy questionnaire is located here. Please email for the password.




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