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About Portuguese Water Dogs


PWDs are a lively, hardy, intelligent breed.  As cute and cuddley as they appear, they are not for everyone. Raising a PWD pup undoubtably will result in a toilet paper shortage (paper is considered a delicacy by many PWDs) visits to the Vet because something innapproriate was swallowed (corn cob, sock, sponge, nail...),  and bi-monthly trips to the groomer to tame some of that ever-growing hair (which can be spun and knitted into a scarf). Living with a PWD will also result in a loving companion, an athlete who will keep you on your toes, and a changed lifestyle (for indeed, they transform one's life).  Please don't consider a PWD unless you're willing to make some sacrifices for you dog.  If you're willing, you won't regret it!

There has been much written about PWDs, and the best way to get to know more about them is to meet them -- at a PWDCNC Club event, an AKC conformation dog show, rally, obedience or agility trials/matches or of course a PWD water trial. Here's some other great resources:

www.pwdca.org  Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
www.pwdcnc.org Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California
www.akc.org  American Kennel Club

PWD Books & PuBlications
The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog by Kathryn Braund
The Portuguese Water Dog by Carla Molinari
The Courier published by the PWDCA

PWD Health

www.pwdca.org/health PWDCA Health Information & Database
www.offa.org Orthopedic Foundation forAnimals - Health Info Database
www.pwdinfo.com-PWD Study Group & PWD Stud Dogs of the World

Dog/PWD Art and Cool Stuff to Buy
http://www.beesouza.com/ Bee Souza's beautiful paintings & prints of PWDs
www.4mypwds.com/ All things PWD, including water training equipment

www.belavida.net Handcrafted memorial ceramic vessels