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CH Camlin's Rainha dos Diamantes, CGC BN RN TDI
B. 11-05-2002 D. 12-05-2018


Well, this is after all, Cocoa's world. She started this love affair, and she was such an amazing dog.  Little did we know what we were getting into when her breeder, Linda Campbell, warned that she was the "alpha bitch."  Oh, what a wild ride it's been. Wouldn't have changed a thing about her!

We lost Cocoa at the ripe, old age of 16. The PWD world terms any of its breed who lives past 15 years an "Ancient Mariner." She continued to rule the roost throughout her life. We miss her terribly and always will. To keep her memory alive, we decided to keep her "bio" below in present tense, as she will forever be with us...

Cocoa is very independent; not as obedient as our other PWDs. That said, she is friendly to a fault to every human and dog she ever meets. When she goes for a walk, that tail sways back and forth as if to say, "I have arrived." She LOVEs the show ring, the applause, the adulation.


As much as Cocoa marches to the beat of a different drummer, she has mellowed in old age. At the 2016 PWDCNC Regional Specialty, at age 14, Cocoa earned the 3rd leg of her Obedience Beginner Novice title. She actually came close at the 2016 PWDCA National Specialty in Carmel, so we know it wasn't a total fluke!

Still, Cocoa hasn't earned any titles that require her to go off leash, e.g., obedience, rally advanced, agility...even water work.  She tends to get caught up in the excitement and prefers doing zoomies around the judges.  She has such a good time reminding everyone that this is, after all, Cocoa's world!`






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