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Archived "PR" (Puppydog Reports) from Barking News

ARCHIVES...From old website

The Pups are Here! Pups are robust, healthy & happy. Born September 18, 2014. Photos here at 5 weeks old... Rosie & Maquah Puppies due Late September 2014 Shingle Springs, CA - August 2014 -- We're thrilled to announce that Maquah has been bred to Rosie, a LadyBug & Pele pup! More info here Avida's Malazada Doce earns her Courier Water Title! Pleasanton, CA - August 2014 -- We're quite proud of "Zada"; she has blossomed into an incredible working dog! The "Rocket Litter" is Born! Beaverton, OR - Mar 23, 2012 -- They're Here! 7 little black, white-footed pups (4 females,3 males),all healthy and hungry. For updates, check out Ecko's blog. Ecko & Maquah Puppies Due Late March 2012 Beaverton, OR - Oct 2012 -- Yeah! she is ;-) For more info, click here. Maquah Awarded Best Veteran Dog PWDCNC Regional Specialty, Pleasanton, CA - Oct 2011 -- Shown expertly by owner-handler Chris, Maquah strutted his studly self to beat 2007 BISS winner. Is that cool or what? Zada earns her CD! Pleasanton, CA - Oct 2011 -- Zada and Elaine finished Zada's 3rd leg in Novice Obedience to earn her Companion Dog title (CD). By earning that title, CH Avida's Malazada Doce,CGC RA NAJ CD AWD now qualifies for a PWDCA Bronze Award of Merit! Hopefully, we'll make the trek to Wisconsin for the 2012 PWDCA National Specialty to receive the honor in person. Leonardo earns his Junior Water Dog Title! Lake Castaic, CA - Sept 2008 -- Avida's Urso do Chocolate is now Avida's Urso do Chocolate, JWD, at just 9 months old! He and his owner Teresa met us at Lake Castaic to participate in a fabulous water trial put on by the SCPWDC. His first time entering, Leo and his mom worked seamlessly to earn the title under judge Sara Kahn. What a wonderful weekend! Rico earns 1st legs in JWW and STD in Agility Dixon, CA -- Sept 2008 -- Rico kicks rear with dad Tim by earning his first legs in JWW (100pts and 1st place!) and STD (2nd place). His first time! Woooooohhooooooo! You go,Rico! Us old dogs have some catching up to do! Congrats! Zada is a Champion! Monterey, CA - July, 2008 - Our beautiful, talented Malazada earned her conformation championship with Chris handling her in the "Bred By Exhibitor" class. We are proud to have earned majors under PWD breeder judges Janis Watts & Denise Dean, as well as a BEE Group 2nd under breeder Chuck Teasley. In addition, the AKC has acknowledged Chris' achievement in finishing a dog as its breeder with a special medallion and an invitation to Eukanuba Dog Show. We are so proud of Zada! We'll link to the champion photo at some point, but Cocoa ate the original. Truly. Update: Saucy finds a home Castro Valley, CA - Saucy, formerly known as Avia Pup "Irridescent", has found her humans in Berkeley, CA! We're thrilled that she lives so close by and hope to see her every now and then. Zada Brings Home 3 Trophies from Golden Gate Kennel Club Show San Francisco, CA - January, 2008 - Chris, Zada's dad, expertly handled her in Portuguese Water Dogs "Bred By Exhibitor" at GGKC to win her class on Saturday. This win qualified her to show in "Group Bred By", where she placed 4th, beating out other working breeds. Sunday, Zada again won "Bred By Exhibitor" class, but alas, got passed by for those elusive last points needed to finish her championship. Well, the trophies are very nice indeed. At Last! Cocoa & Maquah Puppies - The "Bear" Litter Castro Valley, CA - October 24, 2007 - 6 beautiful brown puppies born Wednesday morning, October 24, 2007. Born to Cocoa, CH Camlin's Rainha dos Diamantes, CGC/TDI, RN and Maquah, Intl/Am CH Urso do Mar do Lusiadas, CGC, RN, WWD. We'll be updating puppy photos here Another Team Avida Win at 2008 PWD Regional Specialty Maquah earns his first leg qualify toward his Obedience CD! Wow, that WAS THRILLING! Cocoa's due to have pups in 2 days, so she stayed home guarding the house and pouting. Team Avida racks up Ribbons and Trophies at PWD National Specialty in Ventura, CA Ventura, CA - September, 2007 -- OK, so maybe not "Best of Breed" or even "Winner's Bitch". But our little PWD team is smokin'! Cocoa, being a little bit "with child", could only compete in the calmest of events. Check this out: Cocoa & Chris: Cocoa is now a registered Therapy Dog-Go Figure :-) Cocoa, Zada & Chris: Brace Conformation, 2nd Place Zada & Elaine: Rally Novice(RN) -- 3rd leg qualify; earning her RN Title, 2nd Place Score Agility -- 1st leg toward her Novice Jumps With Weaves (JWW) Agility Title Maquah & Elaine: Rally Advanced(RA) -- 1st leg qualify toward his RA Title Team Obedience -- 4th Place, but a ton of fun! Malazada Earns Her Apprentice Title in Water Work; Cococa ALMOST wins Pleasanton, CA - August 2007 -- Surpassing her own mother's water work achievements (ahem), Zada earned her 2nd water event this year with handler Elaine. Cocoa continues to slip up on the last exercise, the 2 minute swim with handler (Chris). Stay tuned for a surprising turnaround on the Cocoa front in 2008. Maquah did OK for his first run at Courier Title. Maquah is a Father for the first time... Update: All the pups have gone to wonderful new homes, and Maquah has played with Chip (soon to be hanging out with our friends Dan & Mariam Bucks),Zeke & Bindy! Castro Valley, CA - March 24, 2007 - Maquah is the proud father of 11 beautiful brown pups! Regina, Camlin's Cereja do Chocolate, is their mother (and Cocoa's half-sister)--and she can't wait for those cute little furballs with all those sharp toothies to go home to their human parents. Maquah's Famous Family Around The World Castro Valley, CA - May 10, 2007 - Maquah's littermate Ulysses is an international champion several times over, including multiple BIS, BOGs to his name! Ulysses is nearly identical to Maquah, except he is black in color, while Maquah is mahoghany brown. See photos of Ulysses in Italy. Maquah is now an Uncle! Another of Maquah's littermates is sweet Monkey, Urchin do Mar do Lusiadas, who flew over from Italy with Maquah at 11 weeks of age. She just had her first litter of beautiful puppies. We hope Maquah's pups are as cute (sorry, no litters underway yet...) The father is the gorgeous Rio - Int'CH BIS/Am CH Rodtop Rio Port au Prince. Maquah and Zada Earn Water Titles at PWDCNC Water Trial 2006; Cocoa, well, does Cocoa Pleasanton, CA - August, 2006 - Maquah earns his 2nd water title "Working Water Dog" (WWD) and Zada wins her Junior Water Certificate at just over 6 MONTHS OLD. Mama Cocoa continues her brilliant career in entertainment by: 1)Running out of the ring during her test to explore forbidden territory; 2)Running back into the ring and swimming out to the boat Elaine is on, thus redeeming herself; 3)Refusing to enter the water at Elaine's command for that darn 2 minute swim, Cocoa turns around to stare defiantly at the judge, then squats, and pees RIGHT THERE IN THE RING IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND GOD (A BIG NO NO in case you were wondering) 4)Interrupts daughter Zada's test by somehow rolling in her soft crate down to the water's edge, creating a momentary panic as she rolls past the test area. Zada passes despite her mother's attempt to thwart her well-deserved victory. Fat Tuesday's Parade of Pups - Mardi Gras Litter Update: Our pups are now with their people, going to puppy school, learning to swim, and eating like horses! Check out the Mardi Gras Litter Family Album. Castro Valley - CA March 22, 2006 - Rio & Lunden march out their beautiful puppies, 5 males and 4 females. In true Mardi Gras style, Lundon wickedly, perfectly brought 9 sparkling jewels into the world during a horrendous thunderstorm(Lundon is Camlin's Wickedly Perfect). The proud father, Rio(Int'l CH BIS/Am CH Rödtop Rio Port au Prince), a true gentleman, declined to comment, but we spied him smiling deviously, vigorously wagging his tail. More on the Mardi Gras Litter... Pups cooked up by Cocoa & Baker Castro Valley, CA - January 24, 2006 - Both beautiful doggies in their own right, Cocoa & Baker produce some delectable pups worth asecond look! Baker, known professionally as CH SaltyDawg's Twice Baked AOM, competed at Westminster 2006. Cocoa,fully recovered from whelping, is working on her figure in time for a modeling assignment to compete for a highly coveted spot on the 2007 Nutmeg Calendar (below). Cocoa - choosen as 2006 Nutmeg Calendar Girl - Miss May Castro Valley, CA - Cocoa flaunts her stuff on the top of our spa cover...never one to shy away from the camera, she proves she's more than just a pretty face (she's got a great bod, too). To purchase a calendar, visit the Nutmeg Club ore. Maquah earns UCI International Championship; gets 3rd place in Working Group This just the Santa Rosa international dog show, Maquah consistently earned points to qualify to earn his international championship. UCI's intent is to: "... make an International "UCI" Championship Title available to the American public while not exposing the dogs to the danger and inconvenience of international travel..." Dogs are held to the standard of the orgin country (so a lion clip is of course important)and foreign/AKC judges actually "grade" the dog.


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